How to Get (or Fake!) Thicker Eyebrows


Today’s post is all about the eyebrow game.


Although I was not blessed with thick and fuller eyebrows, I always hated thin eyebrows.

The fact is – thick eyebrows make a face look younger. I cannot emphasize enough on how important brows are, how they frame your face and can take years off a woman’s face in a completely natural sexy way.  Thick eyebrows have become my little obsession 🙂

As we age, the eyebrow bone begins to look heavy and our eyelids become puffy, and thinly arched eyebrows don’t provide much coverage.  A fuller, arched brow can make puffy eyes visible and give your whole eye area a lift, as well as giving your eyes a more definition.

Well, because of the likes of Cara Delevinge (the Queen of thick eyebrows), the fuller-bushy-arched eyebrows from the 80s is now back in trend.  Something that I am very excited about.


I know not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows, but with a few tricks and the right products, it’s easy enough to get your eyebrows look fuller and sexy.  I call it – a push-up bra for your brows 🙂


To show you how I make my eyebrows look fuller, I have linked down below a video that I uploaded not so long as on my youtube channel.

Image source: Google Images